A home
in a landscape

Homes decorated with care, and to be lived in
we cannot hide our fondness for comfortable and cosy spaces.

Each house has been planned according to traditional beauty canons and symmetrical proportions. A true character reveals itself in its plastered walls, tile roofs and interiors with wooden beams, black plastered walls and clay tile or wooden and granite floors.

The houses have been decorated with care, to be lived in. We cannot hide our fondness for comfortable and cosy spaces, antiques, and beautiful objects. The tableware and china of each house, the glassware, and cutlery are all part of the singularity of each space; we like objects with charisma.

Each house has its own grounds with a garden and a pool/tank. Summers are dry and hot, soothed by the shades of the pergolas and trees, and the sound of water between the flowers, the bushes and the herbs in the garden. Even by night, the exterior calls, one is summoned and invited to contemplate the clean skies, bursting with stars.

The soul of Naval

San Julián

San Julián is the first and original house of the ensemble. Drawn up as a garden pavilion, it is in perfect harmony with its surroundings, evocative and full of charm. One cannot conceive this house without the garden that embraces it.

At the foot of the mountains

Las Encinas

Thought out to enjoy the marvellous views of the mountains which surround it and its valley. Las Encinas is a vast, comfortable house located in the middle of a large prairie with wide open spaces and oak trees.

A cabin in the woods

La Junta

/ under construction /

A cabin made entirely of stone built at the uppermost point between two rivers. Here you will wake up and feel totally connected with nature, as you will hear the murmur of the water and look through the windows that close in onto the wild woods. Ideal for a romantic get-away.