Rates 2022

Minimum stay of two nights all year round,
with the exception of long bank holiday weekends, Christmas, Easter and summer which are subject to prior permission.

Discounts for weekly stays (15%), biweekly (20%), for three weeks (30%) and for monthly stays (40%).

Pets 15,00 €/night.

Basic Rates for Las Encinas del Naval:

4 people 320.00 €/night. 5th & 6th guests x 50,00 €/night per person,
7th & 8th guest x 30,00 €/night per person

Basic Rates for San Julián del Naval:

2 people 220.00 €/night. 2 more guests x 40.00 €/night per person.

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    La Junta
    / under construction /

    The House

    A Cabin in the Woods

    Of the three houses, this is the most isolated as it is hidden in the luxuriance of the vegetation. Casa de la Junta, or House of the Joint is called so, due to its proximity of the union points between the two gorges. It is a stone cabin in the forest, remote and in the wild. Its side walls have glass panels which allow the exuberance of the wilderness which surrounds it enter the rooms.

    Its view is enlivened by the sight of the Almanzor Peak and the Arañuelo fields. Its walls are of stone masonry and its roof is made of wood. If what you are looking for is contact with nature, this may be your best option. Romantic and perfect for couples.

    Villanueva de la Vera 110470 Cáceres Extremadura, España

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    It has a linear structure, with a living room with glass panels and a sofa bed. It has a main bedroom with two beds which can be joined and its own bathroom. It is well equipped with a kitchen and a small dining area.

    The surroundings

    The outside of this house is practically wild, respecting the landscape of its entourage there is a river, a waterfall, and a well, perfect for a refreshing and natural dip.
    It also has a small porch with a water tank under the pergolas.

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