Casas del Naval

How We Work

Once you have taken the decision to make a reservation, we will send you a form to fill out. You shall get a response within 24 hours. It is very important that you add to your e-mail contact list to be sure you hear back from us.

You will be sent a Pre-Booking with instructions to follow to ensure your reservation. Once it is guaranteed, we will send you a booking confirmation with arrival instructions.

Casas del Naval and its estate

Casas del Naval is an ensemble of country houses located in a rustic property dedicated to raising ecological cattle.

Each house has its own reserved grounds. An electric fence isolates the cattle from access to your space. It is convenient that this fence be turned on, even when there are no cows around, as it helps to limit the entry to other wild animals, as are wild boars, which can damage the gardens and the vegetable pads. The electric fence will never produce a strong electric shock, but yes, an unpleasant tingle. To avoid an incident we recommend you warn all guests, especially children.

Upon handing over the house keys, you will also receive two keys which open the different gates to the estate (see map). Our guests are free to stroll all over the grounds without trespassing into other´s houses. In an effort to avoid cattle from escaping, it is important to leave the gates the way you find them- if open, leave them open- if you find the gates closed, kindly close the gates.

The Finca has cows, donkeys and hens. The cows belong to a beautiful breed called Cachena. Despite their long horns, these cows are peaceful and docile. You may roam alongside these cows, without touching or bothering them. Should you take a walk with dogs, these must never attack the animal, as if it has calves, it could attack the dogs. In the presence of the cows we recommend to walk the dog on a leash.

Our family of donkeys Ramón, Milagritos and Luis are particularly affectionate and can wear you out. They love to be stroked. Should you go in to pet them, you won´t get them off you. Watch out they don´t kick and know they do not care for dogs.
Depending on the season, cows and donkeys take turns in changing location in the Finca. Depending on which house you choose you may find them in your surroundings. The hens are located close to Los Robles and in their chicken coop, and can be visited from the wire fence.

Casas del Naval and its owner do not take any responsibility for the relationship of the guests with any of the animals of the estate, nor of any injuries that may be caused in activities outdoors on the property.
We urge you not to cut down any branches or cut off any plants or flowers on the grounds or in the garden.

All houses will be supplied with firewood to light the fireplaces. We ask for special consideration here to avoid burns, smoke or fires. Should anything not work correctly during your stay, we would be grateful you contact us as soon as you can, so we can try to solve it immediately. We can be reached at 0034 630 920 907 (Jesús) or 0034 660 205 402 (Marco).

Should we need to access the house during your stay to run an errand or fix something, we would contact you in advance at the contact number you have given us previously.
Las Casas del Naval are country houses and though they are clean you may come across mice, lizards, geckos, spiders, moths, ants and other creepy-crawlies. Should you be squeamish, we may not be the best option for you.


The Casas del Naval homes are individual units and are not connected to the main grid. Light comes from solar panels and is a resource which can run out, especially in winter when days are shorter. We recommend responsible use of resources. When it comes to electrical use, one cannot use appliances with heat such as hair dryers.

Water comes from the wells or the springs and, likewise, we recommend a reasonable use of it, particularly in summer.

Should you run out of gas, reach us at our contact number so that we can see whether we can swing by the house and arrangements can be made at once.


Our kitchens are perfectly equipped so that you can cook at ease. You will always have at hand basics like salt and olive oil made on our very own property. You may find other staples available- feel free to use them, and replace them if you need a lot.

We will leave a set of tablecloths and napkins as well as paper napkins.


The bathrooms will be supplied with shower gel and shampoo as well as toilet paper.

Clean towels will be set out for all houseguests.

Cleaning Service and Maintenance

All houses will be handed in clean and tidy, and a cleaning service is included upon your departure. For longer weekly stays in-depth cleanings will take place and change of fresh sheets and towels every 7 days.

Should you wish an additional cleaning service, please let us know this upon your arrival, because this is invoiced separately and price may vary according to number of houseguests. Upon departure, the house must be in reasonable conditions, but you do not have to be worry about cleaning: we will do this.


Only one house, Las Encinas, has a washing machine. You will find detergent and instructions in the pantry. Should you run into difficulties, please let us know. In long stays, should you need to send clothes to the wash and you do not wish to use the washing machine, we can offer to send it to a laundromat, and invoice you for their services.

Customized Assistance

We will always be available to help you during your stay. Should you need help, please call us at 0034 630 920 907 (Jesús) ó 0034 660 205 402 (Marco). If an urgent issue arises, and you cannot reach us for lack of signal please send us a WhatsApp.

Internet WIFI

Each house has Wi-Fi internet Access. The passwords will be provided by the person who makes the check-in. Because there is no land-phone connection- modems are wireless, the subscribed phone rates have a limited capacity. You may find this limit could run out, or be used up by a previous guest.

San Julian del Naval does not have signal for phones with Movistar contracts.


Indicating it so in your reservation you may bring your dog or cat with you. We accept educated animals that do not spoil the houses or gardens. We charge a fee of € 15.00/night and we will increase the value of the deposit by 200 EUR, which will be given back to you upon departure and upon verifying the house is in a good state. We ask you to take control over your dog, to be sure it doesn´t bother cattle and other animals on the estate.


We are in favour of a world without television. Casas del Naval has no TVs. Take this opportunity to engage in good conversation, read or enjoy the silence.


We would need to know your time of arrival at least two days in advance. We have no set time of arrival or departure, but in general terms, the houses you will take up will be ready at 5pm, and should be parted at noon. Yet, we are very flexible with this, and should you wish to arrive earlier or leave later, we would make all arrangements to allow for this, should it be possible and the houses available.

Very late arrivals (between 9pm and midnight) will be charged an extra fee of 25EUR. We do not accept arrivals after midnight.

Number of Guests and IDs

Only guests included in the reservation will have a right to stay in the house. During check-in we will verify each and every ID or passport. The person responsible for the reservation will need to sign a document which contains the dates, price and terms and conditions of the booking.

This person is who will be responsible for the house during period of reservation. Should any of the cited rules not be abided by ©casasdelnaval will have the right to expel the guests without any form of refund or compensation. The presence of an adult (over 18 years of age) is mandatory during your stay.


To confirm your booking you must make a non- refundable deposit which corresponds to the 25% of the total of your reserved. Payment can be made via bank wire transfer or by PayPal.

Please keep in mind that your reservation is not guaranteed until we have received payment guaranteeing your booking, and you have received confirmation of this booking from Casas del Naval. In case of cancellation, this deposit will not be refunded. The pending amount should be paid five days in advance of your arrival by bank transfer or via Paypal.

There is a security deposit of €250 which you must pay upon arrival, cash or Bizum. This amount will be returned to you upon your departure, once everything has been checked in the house.

The payment includes rental of the clean furnished house, fresh sheets and clean towels for all guests and utilities. Wi-Fi is not guaranteed.

Change of Dates

Kindly send us an email at  if you want to change your reservation dates. We only accept date changes sent to us via email, and not over the phone.

Any change of dates depends on the availability of the booked house. For changes, we ask for a 30 or more days´ written notice. We will keep the deposit made previously and we would send a new booking confirmation.

Changes made with less than a 30 days´ notice will have a penalty of 50% of the deposit made to guarantee the reservation. We would send you a new Pre-Booking indicating the pending amount to transfer to assure the new reservation. Changes made with less than a 7 days´ written notice will lose their paid deposit.


You shall receive a set of keys necessary to enter your house and one to access different fields on the estate. The loss of these keys implies the loss of the deposit you paid upon arrival.

Housekeeping and Responsibilities

We trust all guests will treat our houses, their interiors as well as their dwellers and the estate with care. All specific norms of usage of each house and its belongings and those of the Finca Casas del Naval should be respected during your stay.

Should any problems arise, or any damage or breakdowns occur, you should inform us straight away calling us at: 0034 630 920 907 (Jesús) or 0034 660 205 402 (Marco). This way, we can solve the incident at once. Guests are not authorised to sublet or loan the house to anyone.

We also expect of you to respect fellow guests and other neighbours of the Finca. Any kind of parties, loud music or noises that might bother neighbours are TOTALLY FORBIDDEN.

The person who signs the reservation agreement (the Client), is responsable for an adequate conduct of all his or her guests. Should this person or the houseguests not maintain a decent behaviour, Casas de Naval has the right to expel the guests and the client. In this case, the client will lose his or her rights to claims or compensation.

Neither Casas del Naval nor its owner will be responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused during the reservation period (your stay). This includes personal injuries or damages caused by power supplies, water or floods, gas or internet access. Should any incidents or problems arise, please let us known ASAP, so that we can fix the issue immediately at 0034 630 920 907 (Jesús) or 0034 660 205 402 (Marco).

Should any of the described rules not be abided by, Casas del Naval has the right to expel the guests and keep the right over any compensation or claim.

The booking reservation of one of the houses through Casas del Naval implies that you accept and respect these work conditions. Upon your arrival, we will ask you to sign a copy of these terms and conditions along with your reservation details. We are grateful for all your collaboration on this matter, and we trust you comprehend that these terms of conditions are necessary.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us and that Casas del Naval becomes your true home in La Vera.