Rates 2022

Minimum stay of two nights all year round,
with the exception of long bank holiday weekends, Christmas, Easter and summer which are subject to prior permission.

Discounts for weekly stays (15%), biweekly (20%), for three weeks (30%) and for monthly stays (40%).

Pets 15,00 €/night.

Basic Rates for Las Encinas del Naval:

4 people 320.00 €/night. 5th & 6th guests x 50,00 €/night per person,
7th & 8th guest x 30,00 €/night per person

Basic Rates for San Julián del Naval:

2 people 220.00 €/night. 2 more guests x 40.00 €/night per person.

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    Las Encinas

    The House

    At the base of the mountains.

    This house makes the most of the sloped terrain, making it comfortable and spacious. The building opens out to the landscape.

    The sun shines all day on this cozy and symmetrical house formed by two naves which remind one of two hay stacks. Natural building materials have been used in its construction, such as pine wood ceilings, and wooden floors and walls.

    Villanueva de la Vera 110470 Cáceres Extremadura, España

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    The entrance to this house is on the top floor, as it has two storeys which make use of the slope in the terrain. On this top floor you have two wings, one with one bedroom, the other with two bedrooms.

    This first floor has a living room with a sofa bed. There is a main bedroom with a double-bed (160cm), a dressing room and its own bathroom. The other two bedrooms share a bathroom, and one of them has a double- lofted-bunk-bed.

    You can access the bottom floor through a glass-roofed staircase to a spacious living room with a freestanding fireplace, the dining room, the kitchen and a bathroom with a shower.

    The garden

    The whole house is surrounded by panoramic spots. Eleagnus and Viburnum stand out amongst the aromatic shrubs.

    Above, at the main entrance, there is a garden with flowers. Looking towards the south, there are tables under a great pergola. Looking north, there are other tables with a long bench under the shade of an Ash tree to enjoy the fresh air.

    In front of the west façade, looking on the main living area and dining hall, is an infinity saltwater tank, with granite borders. It measures 10 metres long and 2 metres wide, with a sunbathing area around it.

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